Updating using yum

You have to disable the repositories again manually.

To get the complete list of options of DSU (On Microsoft Windows and Linux), use #dsu --help A good place for support for this repository is the linux-poweredge mailing list.

Note: 1) The Open Manage Server Administrator (OMSA) upgrade using DSU utility is temporarily disabled.

updating using yum-22updating using yum-61updating using yum-88updating using yum-32

Another tutorial in this series, "Learn Linux 101: Debian package management," covers the package management tools used on Debian systems.

on the catalog that has the updates for Ubuntu operating system, refer Ubuntu Catalog Note: 1) "rebuilt" versions of the above such as Cent OS or Scientific Linux and community distros like Fedora and Open SUSE are not tested with this repository.

2) Support for Ubuntu is pre-enabled only on 12th and 13th generation of Power Edge systems.

As tutorials are completed, they will be added to the roadmap.

From a user perspective, the basic package management function is provided by commands.