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Fred Rush) James Thomas Postell was born 9 December 1841 Mary Elizabeth Postell was born 19 February 1844 Lydia Glenn Postell was born 21 October 1846 Caroline Louiza Postell was born 4 October 1848 Isabel Lela Postell was born __ March 1850 William Francis Postell was born 1 October 1855 MARRIAGES James Coachman Postell married Tabitha Mc Cottry Green 22 February 1809 John A. Contributed by Marie Graham Peerson, JAN 2004 Births from the Dyer Family Bible (Joseph Harding: Philadelphia, 1853) Alfred Alexander Dyer was born on the 10th day of September 1839 Louisa Dyer was born on the 8th day of December 1840 Lewis Oscar Dyer was born 15th of June 1861 Charley Alexander Dyer was born Decebmer the 2 1864 William Columbus Dyer was born hte 20 of October 1866 John Tomas Dyer was born the 30 of June 1869 Emily Elmira dyer was born 21 of May 1871 Alma Olean was born 2 February 1873 The baby was born July/August 1875 Neoma Irene was born 20 of February 1877 Other information from the Dyer Bible A. She was born in Yellow River, Gwinnett County, Georgia, and came to Chilton County with her parents c 1884. We'll go to him across the flood We'll join him on that heavenly shore Where parting and all tears are done And farewell sighs are heard no more." Marcellus B. Harrelson was borned Febrary 11th 1861 (Sarah Frances) two more entries that appear to be names and dates but have been crossed out and are illegible as a result. Postell) Sarah Tabitha Postell was born 19 June 1837 Anna Mariah Elizabeth Postell was born 5 April 1839 (Baptized by Rev. Clair and Walker Counties, Cather, Birmingham, 1975. He moved his family to Alabama and started several timber related businesses: a sawmill, millwork shop and furniture making business. Joy may not come - they may not come Nor we to them whose life is o'er Til all join their hosts whose spirit bands Fill all that bright, immortal shore. Harrelson was borned October the 30th AD 1858 Second page: Sarah F. Postell) William Postell was born 1797 (brother of James C. died Lordsday, May 11th, 1902 at 11 AM, aged 73 years, 3 months and 21 days. Births James Coachman Postell was born 22 February 1789 Tabitha Mc Cottry Green Postell was born 8 December 1787 (wife of James C. Green) Caroline Emma Postell was born 15 July 1819 (dau of J. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by Nathan Grantham) Caroline Emma Postell 2nd was born 29 April 1821 (dau. Alfred Dyer Schurter married Minnie Mae Davis , Sr. George Abraham Hendon 10/18/1931 Dublin, Erath Co., Tx. Mary Ann Hendon, her dau., Dicey Caroline and son, Booker, all d. and are buried in Old Mars Hill Cemetery in Marion Co. If you would like more info, please contact the Escambia Historical Society, P. Box 276, Brewton, AL 36427 or by email at Bible Records. Hughes 2/7/1860 Marriages Margaret Elizabeth Hughes to Archibald and had their first two children. In 1819, on May 20, Richard purchased land in Lawrence Co, Alabama Territory, Sec. ) ): These pages are probably only a portion of the Bible; however, it supplies very valuable information. Dicey Caroline Hcndon Evans 7/10/1857 Marion Co., Ala.

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Tuttle married Mary Elizabeth Postell 4 June 1877 by Rev. Postell) Hannah Coachman Postell Capers died 7 October 1821 (Mother of James C. We do not know when James and Mariann died or where they are buried. The cover has long been gone and only threads hold the Bible together. Now, Mary's daughter, La June has the Bible and Inez's daughter Sue has the Bible pages. Mary Ann remarried Elijah Harrelson and had the children that are listed. and between 18, she married Elijah Harrelson from Walton County, FL." Mrs.

and 20 days) was found in the 18 Henry Co., Alabama census and Dale Co 1880 Dale Co., Alabama census. Albert Gallatin [email protected], December 29, 1997 This Bible was the first Bible my mother owned as an adult. When her sister, Laura Inez, turned 65, she needed proof of age so Mary tore the pages out of the Bible and sent them to her.

Archibald Purifoy James Jackson married Margaret Ellin Postell 27 January 1859 by Rev. and Joanna Postell) James Thomas Postell died 4 July 1843 Mrs. Butts died 23 June 1843 (mother of Joanna Skinner Postell) William Postell died January 1846 (brother of J. Postell) John Elijah Postell died 6 August 1850 (son of J. and Tabitha Postell) Caroline Louiza Postell died 2 January 1851 (dau. Tabitha Postell died 20 September 1855 (wife of Rev. Above Robert The Dyer Bible was originally owned by Alfred A. They lived in Gwinnett County, Georgia at the time of the Bible entries, but moved to Chilton County c. Their home still stands in Stanton, Alabama and is listed as the "Dyer-Huff Home" in A Historic Site Survey of Blount, Chilton, Shelby, St. He was a representive to the Georgia Assembly from Gwinnett 1875-1876. Aug 30th 1922 Ralph " Oct 27th, 1926 Lisa the rest were so worn and so scribbled that I couldn't make them out sorry for the incompleteness This was written on the Memorandum page William C, died October 27th, 1845, aged eight years one month and nineteen days "The dead we may not bring again, Or wake to life their sleeping clay Whose time of pain and tears are done For joys that pass no more away. of William and Nancy who writes: "Her name was Mary Ann Elizabeth Mc Millan who married Hugh Chisholm in 1850. Harrelson was borned October the 26th AD 1855 Rebrecker C.

Stabler married Caroline Emma Postell 17 June 1844 William Francis Postell married Joanna Skinner 24 January 1833 by Rev. Russell Isabelle Lela Postell married John Lyons 4 June 1877 by Rev. Postell) John Cummings Postell 16 July 1815 Caroline Emma Postell died 6 September 1820 Anna Mariah Elizabeth Postell 22 July 1826 John Glenn Postell died 8 April 1841 (son of J. and Tabitha Postell) Emma Jane Postell died 28 June 1843 died 28 June 1843 (dau of William F. Mary Postell died 1 July 1843 (wife of William Postell) Rev. Postell died 25 February 1854 (Age 65 years and 3 days) Mrs. According to the 1880 census both of their parents were born in South Carolina. Dyer was captain of Company K, 36th Georgia, Broyles, Infantry. Regiment, Stonewall Jackson's Division, made Sgt.; promoted 1864 to Lt. The info it contains was copied from her mother's Bible, my grandmother, into this Bible. This weekend Sue brought La June a copy of the Bible Pages. , b. Hana Louisiana, her sister, b. Ann Elizabeth, her sister, b. Martha Bird Fitzpatrick, her sister, b. William Daniel, their brother, b. Nancy Adeline, dau. I have a picture of that Bible (page 1) (page 2) and a picture of the marriage certificate between her and Hugh. Lizier Odom First page: Names and ages of Maryan Harrelson's children- Daniel T. Harrelson was borned October the 7th AD 1853 and died March the 30th 1856 Jonathan T.