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The house was made to be entirely collapsible with notched corners to hold it together.This suggests a commercial interest in shipping it flat in a box but its idiosyncratic form and decoration are compatible with an individually made product.

Wear is not necessarily a reliable clue (some old pieces seem to have been owned by very careful children! found in south-eastern Ontario, Canada, suggests the previous century, but the date of 1906 is still distinguishable near the applied swan, as well as "Marie's Villa" (her last name is difficult to read).

Also, a 20th century indication is the material, plywood, which was only beginning to make inroads into the lumber business in the first decade of the century.

The principle of 2 or 3 thin pieces of wood glued in with the grain running at 90 degrees from each other to gain strength was known long before, but widespread commercial application was delayed until about 1930.

The gold settee in the top left picture is 1 inches high, while the silver one is 2 inches (The survival rate for factory-made dollhouses from this period is greater than the previous decades and, today, the value of these items as antique is significant This is particularly true for American-made examples which became, at this time, a serious competitor with Germany for the North American toy market.

From 1914 to 1918, distribution of goods in Europe was disrupted by the First World War.