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The letter of invitation is valid for one year starting from the issue date on the document.The cost of this document in Havana is 140 CUC, with special request form available at the Cuban embassies: costs about 200 US dollar – 200 euro.The story begins when Alba Montiel and her brother, Javier, win two tickets to Aruba.This is the place where Alba meets Renny Donoso, a Salsa musician who's arrived to become famous, but ends up as a waiter with his friend, Franco.Needless to say, a lot of these encounters end with sex.Most Cubans do not see the jineteras as hard prostitution.Tropical weather, exciting music, rum at every street corner and attractive and elegant women can make an exotic cocktail with love in the air.

Within minutes of our arrival everyone knew where we were from. Be realisitic about Life, Friendship and Love in Cuba I have been to Havana many times. Check with the Cuban embassy in your homeland for the latest information.

A Cuban citizen who wants to travel abroad needs an official invitation from a person or institution outside Cuba.

This letter of invitation is an official document delivered by a Cuban notary.

Cubans are nice and attractive people, so it’s not unusual for tourists to fall in love with a local man or woman.

Nothing wrong with this, but a word of caution: some youngsters want to leave the country and try to escape poverty and better their family’s economic situation by marrying a tourist. Love in Cuba with some Interesting Twists I met a young lady some years ago and booked her into a local resort.