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String(2, lname); you have just set lname only even in your query you should pass fname also.

try to use normal sql update ,i doubt you can pass dynamic value in where clause in PL/SQL (I guess).

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Let’s look at the code first:package net.codejava.javaee.bookstore; import Type the following URL in your web browser to access the Bookstore application: First time, the list is empty because there hasn’t any books yet: Click on the hyperlink Add New Book to begin adding a new book: Enter book information (title, author and price) and click Save.

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In this Java tutorial, we’re going to help you understand the process of coding a basic Java web application that manages a collection of books with the basic feature: list, insert, update, delete (or CURD operations - Create, Update, Read and Delete).au reports: Plenty of Fish claims to be the largest online dating site with more than 3 million daily active users and if any of those users did not have antivirus software installed, they are at risk of malware infection.I started seeing the sister of a friend, who was a missionary companion of mine.* @author */ public class Book DAO For detailed instructions on CRUD operations with JDBC, see JDBC Tutorial: SQL Insert, Select, Update, and Delete Examples.The application looks something like this: You will learn to how to build this application using the following technologies: CREATE DATABASE 'Bookstore'; USE Bookstore; CREATE TABLE `book` ( `book_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `title` varchar(128) NOT NULL, `author` varchar(45) NOT NULL, `price` float NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`book_id`), UNIQUE KEY `book_id_UNIQUE` (`book_id`), UNIQUE KEY `title_UNIQUE` (`title`) ) ENGINE=Inno DB AUTO_INCREMENT=11 DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 Dynamic Web Project to create a new Java dynamic web project.