Is ashanti and nelly dating

The biological father of two and adopted father of two says that creating his new reality show would demonstrate fathers in a positive light.“I thought that this show could be different in the sense of showing that a single father and being a black man; [although] I’m not married, I’m always there for my children as much as possible,” the rapper said.

She went independent so she could keep a higher percentage of her earnings.When it comes to parenthood, Nelly said, “I try to be as real as possible.I have great kids; considering what they could be doing [and] what I was doing at their age, they’re great.” previously reported that Nelly celebrated his 40th birthday with Floyd Mayweather’s former fiancée, Miss Shantel Jackson, his current girlfriend that will be featured on the new reality show.It's very annoying to continue to take off from what I have to do with work for court and stuff.I think we have to go back to court again this month and I am not thrilled at all."Meredith also mentioned that Ashanti has had to face him in court, to which the singer noted, "I had to learn how to reserve myself because it's a lot of frustration.