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Received date: February 19, 2016; Accepted date: March 1, 2016; Published date: March 8, 2016 Citation: Bhinder MTM, Halum AS, Lee S (2016) Pseudo-Hermaphroditism: A Multi-Faceted Pathosis. doi:10.4172/2161-038X.1000162 Copyright: © 2016 Bhinder MTM, et al.

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These patients face many psychosocial hardships, as their perception of themselves does not agree with what society in general perceives.

Conversely, the secondary sexual characteristics of these individuals resemble that of a male and they can even present with external genitalia that resembles a penis or the testes [2].With over 100,000 registered members, looking for your Thai beauty has never been more easier.Truly Thai is packed with cool features which makes it one of the most trusted and fastest growing Thai dating sites out there.ovaries and testes, without any form of digenesis to either of them [1].Both male and female pseudo-hermaphrodites can be classified as Intersex Syndromes, which are a group of different conditions where different atypical combinations of male and female physical characteristics and features are present [1].