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Instead, you’ll have something called a , which is essentially a center for browsing, installing, and removing program packages.

Instead of visiting the Firefox website, you can just search your package manager’s repositories and download it straight.

Because Windows has such a widespread grasp on the PC market, driver manufacturers tend to focus their efforts on that one operating system.

Which means companies like AMD and Nvidia prioritize Windows over Linux.

As long as you have the proper mental preparation (knowing that Linux won’t guide you by the hand) and as long as you have the will to live (knowing that you’re likely going to have to reinstall Linux once or twice before you get the hang of it), you’ll find yourself enjoying Linux in no time. Perhaps you already have — tell us about it in the comments!

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Every Linux computer is unique, and that uniqueness comes from having to personalize a bunch of settings to your hardware and setup.

Read through them and be absolute certain that you’re willing to put up with the learning curve because there’s nothing worse than jumping headfirst into something unexpected.

The fundamental structure of Linux is completely different from Windows–as it should be, considering that it was developed over a separate codebase with separate developers.

This article is meant for those of you who are leaning towards making the switch already. You should know, however, that the switch is not exactly a cakewalk.

Here are some fundamental differences between Windows and Linux.

Gentoo kde updating applications