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At the end day, just don't use porn alone to define your sexuality.Look at what fantasies you imagine Look, I'm not here to tell you exactly what or who you are.Welcome to City The safe, fun bisexual dating community for bisexual singles, bicurious singles and couples Whether you are looking for bisexual dating, or bicurious personals, City Bi is the bisexual social network for the bisexual dating community.Join City Bi City offers you the opportunity to meet other bisexuals and interested couples through personal online connections. City Bi is the #1 dating community for bisexual and bicurious singles.”And the thing is, as much as I want to be, I can't even be mad at the people asking this question because I understand the line of thought.

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It's never to late to fulfill your curiosities and fantasies.

However, this is NOT to say watching lesbian or gay porn means you're bi. We see two people doing sexy things to each other, and all of a sudden, we're knee deep in a damn sexual crisis. )But when we watch lesbian or gay porn and get turned on, we're more interested in the other aspects of sex we're seeing on the screen, rather than the idea of two men or women together.

For example, lesbian porn is doing THE MOST when it comes to clitoral stimulation, so naturally, a good majority of women will get off to the sight of clit stimulation — the easiest path to orgasm for women.

Then, society won't believe you when you try to tell them bisexual people actually exist, and one was just talking to you. (No, I'm not.)In all seriousness, no matter how often mainstream media tries to ignore (and even reject) the existence of bisexuals, we're real and we're out here, probably dreaming about both a young Justin Trudeau and Kate Mc Kinnon and how we want to fuck both of them a lot. Even if it wasn't planned, getting (coherently) intimate with the same gender, still being turned on by it after the fact and feeling compelled to do it again is, like, pretty solid evidence you might be bisexual.

But for some of us, it's taken a while to get to the point of actually KNOWING we're bisexual. Well, to put it bluntly, sexuality is literally so weird. I don't know what else you want me to tell you at this point.