Dating ru andr

@Soul-git, yes, I had no plans to adopt my plugin for inputmask v3.x, but recently I've got the pull request.

It indicates that inputmask-multi plugin is needed so I decided to merge this and fix bugs after that.

If you are using Android SDK, you can use ' LLLL' since ages. Getting a standalone month name is surprisingly difficult to perform "right" in Java. Also, it appears that no single Java API will just give you the "best" string.

And ' MMMM' do NOT work for stand-alone month names (check it e.g. The majority of answers posted here so far only offer the formatting version.

*/ private static String get Standalone Month Name(Month month, Locale locale, boolean capitalize) /** * get Standalone Month Names, This returns an array with the standalone version of the full month * names.

The town is located at the entrance to the Valtournenche at an altitude of 1080 metres and is in a delightful location, just 9 km from the Ch√Ętillon motorway slip road and 20 from Breuil-Cervinia, as well as being sunny and protected from the wind.

We've recently had to remove its old version, due to the upgrade of Inputmask.

The problem is that in some languages, including Russian and Czech, the standalone version of the month name is different from the "formatting" version.

Pasted below is a working solution for getting the standalone version of a single month name, or getting an array with all of them. /** * get Standalone Month Name, This returns a standalone month name for the specified month, in the * specified locale.

@ichepurnoy , @andr-04 Have you ever tried to enter the following in the inputmask-multi " 7(342)###-##-##", //ok " 7(3424)##-##-##", //fails " 7(34240)#-##-##", //fails " 7(34241)#-##-##", //fails ...

@Soul-git , @tuning-soft , @ichepurnoy , @andr-04 , The performance of entry should be good now.