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I can’t tell whether he’s using the word ironically.

One person does mostly affirmative, one mostly negative. This happens for two days, while you compile a record and, at some point, break for lunch.If you asked Dallas Perkins—whom I referred to in correspondence as Mr.Perkins, because he is an intimidating man and he signs his e-mails “DP”, which doesn’t really give someone a hint one way or another whether they’re allowed to use the first name—why the policy debate team is interesting, I think he would just ignore you.Everybody debates on the same issue all year, so eventually the arguments are tailored to fit a certain team’s style. The third day is elimination rounds, where the top 32 teams compete in a tournament-style bracket.Good teams will be debating until late Monday, when a champion is crowned. Some teams are so sure of their inferiority that they count on leaving early—potential Cinderellas filling out brackets weighted against them.