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Antone had a dairy on the Pocket property, and at one point he suspected that he wasn't getting the correct test on his cream from a local creamery that he sold to, so he purchased his own cream tester and proved that the creamery was paying on a lower test. There was a large orchard and a family vegetable plot on the farm, and whenever there was excess produce Antone Silva would take fruit and vegetables by the bucketfull to some of the less fortunate families in the Pocket area.In the years 1925 through 1932 Antone Silva leased out the home ranch of 100 acres in the Pocket to S. Somehow they were able to have three alien Japanese families farm the land, each farming one third.Then in 1909 a ten-room Victorian-style home was built for the family by Christopher Valine, a contractor known as ·Caliste." The house was built on a knoll to avoid flooding.

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Maria had recently immigrated to the Pocket area with a cousin, Vera Bettencourt, and lived in the Pocket with a Costa family. They were married in April 1899, the wedding celebration lasting a full week.

Antonio Leal was the brother of Leonor Jacinto Leal who married Antonio J. At this time Manuel made his living in a commercial fishing partnership, selling mostly salmon and catfish.

Silveira, and of Ignacia Leal who married Manuel S. They lived on the houseboat for about six months, then moved to a house in the town of Freeport, where their first child, Manuel Jr., was born.

While working there, he had a new home built in what was called at that time Highland Park on Carnegie Avenue, later to be named Sloat Way, where now sits the three-story building of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, adjacent to the back end of St. In 1914 Manuel's sister Rose Valine, who lived in Chico, lost her husband in an accident and, left with several children and in dire need of help, persuaded Manuel to move his family to Chico to help run the farm. At some point the surname of the family was changed from Avila to Silva.

Manuel and Delphina rented out their house and moved with their six children to Chico for two years, returning around 1917 to Sacramento where Manuel obtained a job with the Sierra Planing Mill near 4th and S Streets. in 1887 at age 15 from Faial, settling in Alameda County as a farm laborer. Sometime that year Antone joined his oldest brother, Joseph, who was herding sheep somewhere in Inyo County around Lone Pine and Bishop.